Salem Power Station | Infrastructural
Salem, MA
20 Acres | New Construction

LEED Platinum Target | 7 Acre Parkscape

The waterfront site of one of Massachusetts dirtiest coal plants was chosen to play a defining role in our country's power conversion to host one of the most efficient natural gas-fired plants on the East Coast. After decades of occupying key waterfront acreage across the street from a local historic district, the site was redesigned for a new facility that could be a better neighbor to both Salem and the grid beyond. 

Ideas of transparency were employed for the various components of the power plant operations whether it is the gradient of horizontal louvers, polycarbonate panels or new vibrant plantings. The plant is surrounded by a series of landscaped berms used to diminish the visual scale from the surrounding environs and provide acoustic mitigation. The height of the earthworks can accommodate services beneath, with the administration building originally designed to be nestled beneath the insulating value of planted roofs above with openings carved for access, air and natural light. 

Project Team: T. Caine & COOKFOX Architects