Cascading Tower | Residential
New York, NY [Landmarks District]
200,000 SF | (Planned) Restoration / Renovation / Construction
LEED Gold Target | 10,000 SF Green Roofs

While inevitable, change to the historic community of the Upper West Side comes only through due process and careful consideration. With a litany of goals and constraints alike, the solution for the integration of a new residential tower could only be as unique as the site conditions around it--a proposal that could fit nowhere else. 

The canvas included the demolition of an existing, non-contributing building, the renovation and restoration of stately 'palazzo' building from the early 1900s as well as the weaving of a new residential tower to function in the end as one cohesive building. The Dutch heritage of the site and its neighbors helped to inform the vertical language of cascading brick volumes that rise around and in between flanking palazzo massings. The sculpted complexity of the fifth facade of the roofscape allowed for the distribution of gardens and green space throughout the height of the building, bringing with them access to nature to a larger number of building residents. 

Project Team: T. Caine & COOKFOX Architects