Brooklyn Townhouse | Residential
Brooklyn Heights, NY - [Landmarks District]
4,500 SF | Renovation / Addition

24th Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award
2013 Brooklyn Heights Association Best Renovation

After decades of mistreatment, this corner site found a willing client to return its likeness to historic elegance. Previous renovations had stripped cornice, chimneys and front stoop from the townhouse while covering its brownstone with a layer of brick. Working with the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the project sought for a full exterior restoration with a small rooftop addition to unite it once again with its 5 sister townhouses on the block. 

A revitalized exterior was complemented by a new rear porch, fresh landscaping and a full interior renovation to take what had been split into multiple units back to its original, single residence.   

Project Team: LUBRANO CIAVARRA ARCHITECTS, T. Caine Project Manager